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  • Politically independent journalist Wolfgang Achtner is fighting for a change in RAI. And for Italy’s and his personal (Arab) spring, he says. Courtesy of social media.
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    (February 04, 2011)
    February 10 is the Day of Remembrance in order to preserve and renew the memory of all the victims of the foibe, and remember the exodous of Istrians, Fiumans and Dalmatians from their lands after the war. The Italian Consulate General in New York will officially commemorate it
  • The Rosselli Case
    Events: Reports
    Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald(February 01, 2011)
    The Primo Levi Center organized an afternoon of commemoration and discussion about the Italian experience during the Holocaust; recognizing those who partook in the Antifascist movement and other Resistance movements. The unprecedented international video-call discussion between Italian intellectuals, historians, and journalists in New York and across the Atlantic was followed by the screening of "The Rosselli Case," a film directed by Stella Savino
  • Presented in New York the new Mediaset Channel, which will bring to the Italians worldwide the TV that the Italians in Italy watch