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  • Facts & Stories
    N. L.(October 14, 2011)
    Naples' street of the Nativity scene makers is threatened by a perilous building. Residents and store owners alike declare war to the mayor's office if precautions are not taken immediately. The closing down of the street will have serious effects on the city's economy as every single day about 2000 tourists visit the shops and purchase a small piece of art for their home.
  • NAPLES – “I’m so ashamed!” Handsome Michele, Neapolitan father of four, has been driving tour buses through Naples for over two decades. “I simply hate having the tourists see these piles of rubbish.” We were inching our way through the usual midday traffic on the Via del Mare alongside the docks for the luxury cruise ships and the ferries to Capri and Ischia. Beside us a mound of garbage, three feet tall, snaked for many yards along the avenue before turning the corner to continue up a side street.
  • Naples is a tricky subject for any artist. How is one to balance the two competing and contradictory images of the city? “See Naples and die!” was the cultural imperative of the Grand Tour and the age of Romanticism. Chaos, Camorra and trash are the flip image. Naples is a “city painted in sound,” Turturro notes, and, like many poor places in the world, “music is a form of emotional and spiritual transportation . . . a form of prayer.”
  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(February 28, 2011)
    Italian Americans at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On March 9th, curator Jayson Kerr Dobney will present on “The Neapolitan Instruments Makers of New York” at the Calandra Institute as part of its “Philip V. Cannistraro Seminar Series in Italian American Studies.”