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i-Italy Presents “Dire Napoli a New York”

(April 18, 2011)
The world premiere of the documentary produced by i-Italy about Cardinal Sepe’s visit to New York took place in Naples, for the Communication Jubilee day

“Do not close the doors on hope” was the message that the Cardinal of Naples Crescenzio Sepe wanted to give once again to his city. The occasion was the Communication Jubilee day, an event of Il Denaro newspaper at the Mostra d’Oltremare, under the patronage of the Order of the Journalists and with contributions by Unicredit bank.

The objective was to underline the key role of information and communication in the awakening of consciences and of the redemption of Naples. A commitment in Jubilee spirit closely tied to the Neapolitan Jubilee wanted by Cardinal Sepe this year.

After a brief visit at the Teatro dei Piccoli, dedicated to the Neapolitan Jubilee, His Eminence, together with Nando Morra, President of the Mostra d’Oltremare, reached the full house of the Teatro Mediterraneo.

Awaiting him were the President of the Order of Journalists of the Campania region Ottavio Lucarelli who, together with Alfonso Ruffo, director of Il Denaro, and other colleagues, presented the “Per amore di Napoli” manifesto, a commitment to the city, and in some ways to God, “to tell the city without hiding its dark aspects, but also allowing its light to shine; to defend the city from distortions of the media that offend its history and dignity; to meet every year to debate the importance of the Manifesto and its practical applications”.

Master of ceremonies was the director of Il Denaro who spoke about the different events chosen for the Jubilee by Cardinal Sepe. The centerpiece for the evening was the screening of the documentary “Dire Napoli a New York”, produced by i-Italy during Cardinal Sepe’s pilgrimage to the five boroughs of the Big Apple.

According to Letizia Airos, director of i-Italy who produced and conceived the documentary, it was “five intense days in the five boroughs of New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island) to talk about Naples in all its complexity, that showed a Cardinal incredibly active, careful, present, always available, even to joke with the crew that was always chasing him around to ‘mic’ him.”

Letizia Airos also thanked all those who made this film possible, which she defined as “a choral document for the contribution and participation in the organization of the visit. It was a heartfelt embrace that New York gave Sepe”. She also added that all of this would have been impossible without the support of Consul General Francesco Maria Talò, due to the very little time and the Cardinal’s wish to visit so many places. “Thanks to the Consul General and Senator Savino – she added – it was even made possible to open a bridge especially for him”.

The main purpose of His Eminence's visit - "Dire Napoli" - was to speak about his city in its integrity, without hiding its problems, but at the same time without ignoring the countless positive aspects. We mustn't allow the world to forget that Naples isn't only garbage and Camorra, but has been, for centuries, a crucible of culture, the inspiration for artistic masterpieces, a cradle of great minds and land of scientific, economic and humanistic excellence.

The documentary “Dire Napoli a New York” is therefore a journal of this special voyage, accompanied by the voice of the Cardinal, proving at the same time that the city is in the hearts of the Neapolitans – and not only – who live in the United States.

“If Naples is so loved around the world, such love will be the motor that awakens the hearts of those people over here who haven’t got the strength to react on this side of the ocean”, says His Eminence at the end of the film.

Present at the screening, together with producer Letizia Airos was one of the two assistant directors, Alice Bonvicini. Director Francesco Carnesecchi could not be present due to his commitment on the set of i-Italy's next project.

Among those present was also Vice-secretary of Foreign Affairs Vincenzo Scotti. The stage of the Teatro Mediterraneo of the Mostra d’Oltremare also hosted entrepreneurs, professionals, and public workers committed to the rebirth of the city, in accordance to the Cardinal’s wish.

Many other events were also presented, such as “Il club della legalità”, presented by Aci Napoli, for safe and responsible mobility, defense of legality and life protection. The Oleificio Mataluni donates the necessary oil to Casa di Tonia, a social-educational residence that welcomes mothers and pregnant women who live in poverty. The Ronald McDonald Italian Foundation will be hosting in Naples a Casa di Ronald, a structure for pediatric patients and their families. Pa.Ma, a real estate agency owned by Maurizio Bianconcini, on May 30 will finish its restoration of the Casa di Tonia ground level.

After a performance by singer Valentina Stella, the Cardinal received a commemorative plaque of the Jubilee, created by artist Lello Esposito.

“May Naples never be told as a story with a bad ending. We have all the potential and strength to be born again. We must simply want to,” concluded His Eminence surrounded by the public’s applause.





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