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  • Antonio Scurati wins the 73rd edition of the Strega Prize 2019, Italy’s most prestigious literary award. With his 800-page novel, “M. il figlio del secolo” (Bompiani editions), the Neapolitan author obtained 228 votes during the final evening of the Villa Giulia Ninfeo, in Rome, detaching the other four writers. Presiding the board was Helena Janeczek, who won last year with “La ragazza con le Leica.” 556 out of 660 eligible voters participated.
  • Trionfa Antonio Scurati alla 73esima edizione del Premio Strega 2019. Con il suo romanzo di oltre 800 pagine, “M. il figlio del secolo' (Bompiani), lo scrittore di origini napoletane ha ottenuto 228 voti nella serata finale del Ninfeo di Villa Giulia, a Roma, con uno stacco dagli altri autori della cinquina. Al secondo posto Benedetto Cibrario, con 'Il rumore del mondo' (Mondadori), 127 voti, e al terzo Missiroli Marco Missiroli con 'Fedeltà' (Einaudi), 91 voti. Al quarto posto Claudia Durastanti con 'La straniera' (La nave di Teseo), 63 voti, e al quinto Nadia Terranova con 'Addio fantasmi' (Einaudi), 47 voti. A presiedere il seggio Helena Janeczek, vincitrice della scorsa edizione del Premio Strega con 'La ragazza con la Leica'. Hanno votato in 556 su 660 aventi diritto al voto.
  • The stolen mosaic from Caligula's vessel
    Dating back to Caligula’s reign (37-41 A.D), the mosaic that belonged to a ceremonial ship was found in New York and will be given back to the Museo delle Navi in Rome on Lake Nemi.
  • Life & People
    Judith Harris(October 28, 2014)
    The Piazza as a political forum, from the empires to the contemporary democracies... passing through dictatorships.
  • On the eve of what seems to be the end of the Berlusconi Era, historian Stanislao Pugliese, Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies, looks at the past two decades of Italy's political history. He finds that, supposedly under siege by what he perceives to be a politically motivated judiciary looking into his corrupt business practices, Berlusconi resurrected the specter of communism -- but in reality his brand of unfettered consumerism has done more damage to the country’s traditional way of life than that which would have supposedly been inflicted by communism.
  • The painting is not bad at all. The soldier figure in the garb of an ancient Roman warrior astride a vigorous white horse holds out his arm in a stiff salute with a sword. What more appropriate than this to cover the wall of the main auditorium of an Italian high school?