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  • Salvatore Accardo, Mario Brunello, and Beatrice Rana will be the protagonists of the concert taking place by will of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinal Palace, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Italian Republic. The concert, scheduled on Wednesday 1 June at 6 pm, will be held at the Quirinal Palace, in the Salone dei Corazzieri, and will be live broadcast by Rai Cultura on Rai
  • The celebration of June 2nd presents the perfect occasion to open up the doors of the Consulate and the Institute and, together with ICE, ENIT and La Scuola d’Italia, we have been working on a project that for three consecutive years brought artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, politicians and economists to Park Avenue, with the participation of over a thousand people each year.
  • This year’s celebration of the Feast of the Republic in Newark constituted the occasion for the Italian and Italian-American community in New Jersey to wish farewell to Consul General of Italy in Newark Andrea Barbaria. After four years of service in Newark, Barbaria has been assigned to the Mission of Italy in Tehran, Iran.
  • The Consulate General, ENIT, ITC, The Italian Cultural Institute and the Scuola d'Italia opened their doors to all. This year the birth of the Italian republic was celebrated, for twelve hours straight, in several events that welcomed Italians, Italian Americans and Americans alike. Among great art, music, theater, film design, food and wine guests honored the Republic without forgetting the hardships Emilia Romagna is facing after a destructive earthquake. The final surprise was a lighting show that illuminated the Consulate with the colors of our flag: white, red and green. (VIDEO COMING SOON)
  • New York. National Day of Italy - 2012
    Video Address of the Italian Consul General in New York, Natalia Quintavalle. On June 2, the Consulate General of Italy in New York, the Italian Trade Commission, the Italian Tourism Board, the Italian Cultural Institute and La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi will host events throughout the day to celebrate Italy’s National Day. Read the program below!