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  • Over half the country is rejoicing this week because a nationwide referendum drew a stunning turnout of over 57% of those eligible to vote, and four pieces of center-right legislation dear to Premier Silvio Berlusconi were overturned. The referendum result made three essential points: first, that democracy is alive and well in Italy; secondly, that the media do not tell the whole story; and, thirdly, that it is time for the nation’s leaders to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
  • Annozero  - "Annonuovo" L'introduzione di Michele Santoro - Ultima puntata RAI 09-06-2011
    Despite the importance of the questions under debate, a shouting match on RAI TV’s Channel 2, seen by 8.5 million televiewers, overshadowed even the referendum vote. During the political talk show Annozero, a Minister of the sitting Govenrnment accused the popuar anchorman Michele Santoro and his jurnalists to be a bunch of leftists who souldn't work for national public television... "I am sick of paying for [these people's] wages," said Hon. Roberto Castelli. A feud ensued...
  • Of the 1,344 cities and towns which are to elect new mayors and city councils, pundits are watching the most crucial: Milan and Turin in the North, both grappling with waves of immigrants and a scourge of mob infiltrations, and Reggio Calabria and rubbish-ridden Naples in the South. Interestingly, anyone with official local residence papers is entitled to vote
  • ROME – Consider the Italian position on Libya, whose leader Muammar Gaddafi said March 15 that he is “really shocked by the behavior of my European friends, first of all Silvio Berlusconi.” Speaking on state TV in Tripoli to representatives of the Mseleta tribe, Gaddafi accused the West of supporting the rebels, whom he described as “dogs infiltrated into society,” in order to seize control of Libyan petroleum
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    Daniele Chicca(February 14, 2011)
    Women demonstrating in support of dignity and respect flooded the streets of Italy and major world cities, including Times Square in New York