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  • "Asking Mario to marry me was the boldest and bravest thing I had ever done, second only my coming out as queer. It felt to me like it was meant to be, just as New York City seemed to be the place that Mario was clearly meant to be." Lisa and Mario met in Italy in 1981. Their love crossed borders of gender and acceptance showing that deep feelings can go beyond conformism. Their story, although personal, tells us a lot about Italy and the US from the 80s to nowadays.
  • The prize itself will be awarded at the Palazzo Ducale in the City of Urbino in June. The Urbino Press Award, underscored President of the Marche Region, Gian Mario Spacca, "is an initiative that has been able, in the last nine years, to consolidate the already strong collaboration between our region and the United States." Gwen Ifill’s calm and collected style and professionalism are synonymous with the utmost fair and unbiased news coverage in America and abroad,” said Ambassador Bisogniero.
  • An Italian award, annually given to an American journalist will be awarded to a true star American financial reporter. The Ambassador of Italy to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero will deliver the official announcement, on April 15 at an event organized at the Embassy in Washington.
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    Jerry Krase(February 16, 2008)
    Having recently witnessed the orgiastic rite of the Right as the Left left their positions of leadership(?) of the Italian Government, I wondered what Italian Unity (Unità Italiana) might look like, were I ever to observe it. Then I remembered a warm summer night in Urbino a few years ago.