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  • October 15, 2009 - John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The conference “Joe Petrosino: The New Sicily 100 Years After His Death”, focused on the history of the Mafia in Sicily and in the United States, and the progress made up until today to fight it. Among the speakers, the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Pietro Grasso, the President and Founder of Libera, Don Ciotti, and the First Deputy NYC Police Commissioner George A. Grasso
  • Italian and American law enforcement officials, activists and lawyers brought home the reality of antimafia activities in Italy and in America at a recent conference at John Jay College in Manhattan. The occasion, celebrating the life of Joe Petrosino - an Italian emigrant and NYPD lieutenant - and the dedication of a park to him, was a reminder of how much has been done and how much still remains in the ongoing war against the Mafia.