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  • Every year the New York City Marathon is an exciting event for more than just New Yorkers. This year’s marathon, held on Sunday November 5th, brought people together from around the world. Honoring Italian runners specifically–3,002 this year #lacaricadei3002–The Consulate General of Italy held a press conference before the marathon on November 2nd for those participating in the 2017 race.
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    (March 19, 2015)
    Minister Maurizio Lupi bent to pressure and resigned. But in the cafés over cappuccino and corneto people here have been asking what this latest corruption scandal means. How did it come to pass that a shady businessman seeking government contracts could give a recent university graduate, whose father happens to be a cabinet minister, a $12,000 wristwatch? The cherry on the cake was the minister’s lame response: “Well, I would not have accepted it.”