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    Bianca Soria(April 09, 2015)
    A book about the foods of Italy, and about how food brings people together. It is also a book that tries to teach Americans the Italian approach to food: “In America we always ate to live, while Italians live to eat. They appreciate every facet of their food, they want to know everything about it…”
  • Over 8,000 consumers, trade representatives and members of the press flocked to the Expo over the weekend to indulge in a taste of authentic Italy. 41 Italian companies, including wine producers, olive oil manufacturers and importers, cheese makers and foodies, came together in the Italian Pavilion under the guidance of the Italian Trade Commission.
  • Agriform, in collaboration with igourmet.com, the North America's leading online gourmet food and gift retailer, launches the Italian Cheese Road Tour, at the Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival. The taste tour aims to introduce consumers to different cheeses and to educate them about PDO cheeses of Italy.
  • Italy is one of the world’s leading producers of olive oil in the world with 220 million olive trees and 350 cultivars that represent different aromas and flavors and are linked to specific terroirs. Unaprol, the Italian consortium of olive oil producers, has decided to make a stand and has created the 1.0.0% Qualita Italiana Brand. They held a Tasting Event hosted by Lou di Palo of di Palo's Fine Foods during this past Fancy Food
  • At Clo's Wine Bar on June 23rd 2010 the border Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige was celebrated through a tasting of regional products that can also be bought in New York, at Di Palo Fine Foods. Event sponsored by the Italian Trade Commission, EOS (Export Organization Südtirol) and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development