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    (December 05, 2012)
    At the starting line is the i-Italy|NY network, a magazine and television show dedicated to Italian New York. Presented last Friday at the Consulate General of Italy in New York, i-Italy|NY is a dual publishing initiative inspired by Italy and dedicated to the U.S. marketplace, specifically New York City. i-Italy | NY includes a monthly magazine and a weekly television program about everything Itali an in New York.
  • Starting on April 22, the internationally famous Italian singer and song-writer Lorenzo "Cherubini" Jovanotti will tour the United States and Canada to present his new album, "OYeah!" a collection of some of his live performances from his 2009 "SoleLuna NY Lab". If you live in NY, don't forget to participate to our contest! Find all the info below!
  • A final overlook on Jovanotti’s Soleluna NY Lab. His concerts and public appearances enjoyed huge media coverage, and boosted his popularity among the American public. Jovanotti’s adventure in the Big Apple seems to be just at the beginning!
  • The recent visit of the famous Italian singer revealed to be a rich and fulfilling experience both for him and his traditional public. It was also a great occasion to introduce his music to Americans. Here the main stops of his “New York Tour”.
  • Why Jovanotti? Why introduce Lorenzo Cherubini, a.k.a. Lorenzo Jovanotti, to a younger (and not so young) generation of Italian-Americans (and not only Italian-Americans)? Why introduce him to the whole world? First of all, his music is enthralling in its apparent simplicity, and second, Italy’s image in the music industry must constantly be kept up-to-date. But we aren’t here in the guise of music critics or even fans.