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  • “The jihadists hope to flood Libya with Isil militiamen posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels to Europe,” went the headline. Although this may eventually be true, to date terrorist attacks in Europe have been perpetrated by those living in Europe, not by newcomers. Still, the hordes fleeing war in Syria, Iraq and Sub-Saharan Africa to land on Italian shores represent an ever more intractable problem with serious political repercussions.
  • This past weekend’s vote for representatives to the European Parliament was read beforehand as a chance to show massive personal support for Premier Silvio Berlusconi and to demonstrate the expansive vitality of his rightist Popolo della Liberta’ (PdL), into which Gianfranco Fini’s Alleanza Nazionale merged little more than a year ago. Instead, the vote was a setback for both Premier and party, and shows an increase in protest parties and individual protests.