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You chose: cinecittà luce

  • Bernardo Bertolucci's first Italian-language feature in over 30 years and first feature in 9 years is about to open in New York City, on July 4th to be exact, and in more theaters across the US. Me and You is part of the Cinema Made in Italy Series, a major new initiative between Cinecittà Luce, the Italian Trade Commission and the film distributor Emerging Pictures that brings Italian films to American audiences.
  • MoMA celebrates legendary Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci with a retrospective of his work. Showing through January 12th, the program includes screenings of iconic masterpieces "The Conformist" and "Last Tango in Paris" in newly restored prints.
  • When you hear the words Life Lessons, what do you think about? A self help book, a seminar held at your neighborhood church or the next topic of discussion on Oprah? Whichever you have picked, we are sorry to say, you’ll be luckier next time. This time around the phrase Life Lessons is going to take you to Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater for the biggest ever collection of Italian Neorealism films ever put together. Interview with Richard Peña, Program Director at the Film Society