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  • In Antonio Monda's latest book, La Città Nuda, the author made a selection of some of the hundreds of photographs he took with his iPhone on the City's subway and wrote a short story for each one of them. Each story is a tale of humanity that captures the soul of the author himself.
  • Le Conversazioni, is an event created by Antonio Monda in collaboration with co-curator Davide Azzolini, and it is inspired by everything that is art, theater, literature, dance and film. This is not just a moment to hear what big stars like to watch, but it is an opportunity to learn what has influenced their work, to understand their style better and even to learn about films you have never heard of before
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    Roberta Michelino(October 09, 2013)
    Now in New York Cinemas, Enzo Avitabile Music Life, a documentary film directed by Jonathan Demme, produced by Davide Azzolini for Dazzle Communication and co-produced by Antonio Monda, is a must see. The film tells the story of the Neapolitan multifaceted artist, Enzo Avitabile. His eclectic background is explored through the streets of his native Naples. We asked Antonio Monda for some details.
  • This is the first time the Museum of Modern Art dedicates such a grand show to a set designer, an Italian one nevertheless. “I'm very happy to be here,” Dante Ferretti told i-Italy, “mostly because it was unexpected. I came to visit MoMA several times, to see different shows and never did I expect they would show my work while I am still alive,” he joked
  • Antonio Monda, festival co-curator, talks about this year’s festival of new Italian films. He is gratified by the track record of Open Roads. “I am happy because in 13 years we have shown 12 to 15 films every year, so 180 films more or less, and at least 20 released theatrically [in the U.S.]. We pack our theaters every evening and do a very good business in the afternoon, too.” We also talked about Paolo Sorrentino's latest film. His success would “help Italian cinema very much,” says Monda. “La Grande Bellezza” did not win any major awards at Cannes, but critics and audiences praised the film, and its star Toni Servillo, virtually ensuring a run on the festival circuit and a theatrical release"
  • Starring a convicted murderer, Reality tells the story of a Naples fishmonger obsessed with reality TV. The winner of the Grand Prix at the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival , will open in movie theaters in New York City on March 15th and in Los Angeles on march 22nd. A national release will follow.
  • Many thinkers are trying to give an explanation to the economic crisis that is hurting us all and to bring hope for a solution. Among these Don Gennaro Matino's voice is different. And goes beyond religion. The Neapolitan priest and intellectual has shed some light on his ideas and solution at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò during the presentation of his latest book, “Economia della crisi. Il bene dell’uomo contro la dittatura dello spread” (Baldini & Castoldi)
  • Conversazioni @ the Morgan Library (NYC)
    Events: Reports
    (July 03, 2012)
    "Le Conversazioni" created by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini, the itinerant literary and cultural festival takes place between New York and Capri and brings together international writers, journalists and intellectuals to discuss challenging topics and the art of writing.