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  • Massimo Osanna, the Executive Director of the archeological park of Pompeii, believes that now is the opportune moment for the site to take on new initiatives. After having undergone necessary restorations, he is looking to relaunch Pompeii towards a new successful path.
  • The stolen mosaic from Caligula's vessel
    Dating back to Caligula’s reign (37-41 A.D), the mosaic that belonged to a ceremonial ship was found in New York and will be given back to the Museo delle Navi in Rome on Lake Nemi.
  • View of the Colosseum from the Roman Forum
    The Colosseum, Domus Aurea, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum, Rome's largest tourist scenes, will receive universal management in order to better focus on physical maintenance and proper distribution of revenue.
  • "Built With Faith" won the first Italian American Studies Association Book Award at the annual IASA conference in Los Angeles, November 5, 2016.
    Through his engaging style, based on the best of ethnographic methods, Joseph Sciorra presents a study that reaches beyond the academic to inform and challenge us to see and react to this Italian American material culture in new ways
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Dino Borri(June 09, 2014)
    A Few Things to Keep in Mind if you want to Make Real “Italian” Bread
  • For over fifteen years Italian architect, Piero Giusberti, specialized in archaeological restorations, has been digging in Roman dirt. He is unveiling for i-italy a First Century AD colorful wall mosaic, 53 feet long and 6.6 feet high, whose centerpiece is a nude Apollo, god of poetry and music, flanked by the Muses.