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  • On the eve of the Extraordinary Jubilee called by Pope Francis to begin Dec. 8, the Eternal City administration is plagued by accusations of corruption and Mafia infiltration. Most of the scandals predate the election in 2013 of left-leaning Mayor Ignazio Marino, a medical doctor considered above reproach but now subject to intense pressures to resign. However, corrupt officials are not the only ones to blame for Rome’s problems.
  • Courageous police and magistrates are battling valiantly against a wave of high-level political corruption linked to organized crime in Rome that has just brought 37 indictments. The dozens more under formal investigation include a cabinet minister and a former mayor of Rome. The media have christened this latest Italian scandal “The Sack of Rome.” This month Transparency International ranked Italy 69th down its list of corrupt nations
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    L. A. S.(July 29, 2009)
    A “tour de force” in New York for Rome’s mayor, Gianni Alemanno. Important meetings with officials, including one with his colleague Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Mayor Giuliani, as well as a visit to the “Mad Fun Farm,” the first urban garden created by children in New York. And he used the subway system to get around...