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Team Colavita for the Win

Joelle Grosso (October 17, 2016)
The companies Colavita, Bianchi, and Vittoria S.p.A. are teaming up to sponsor female cyclists participating in the International Cyclist Union (UCI).

Colavita, America's most trusted family brand for fine Italian gourmet products along with Bianchi, the world's oldest bicycle manufacturers and Vittoria S.p.A., an Italian bicycle tire manufacturer are looking forward to sponsoring the new women's cycling team. Colavita and the International Cycling Union is proud of their current women’s roster which is full of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Their supporters believe that this particular group is more than capable of having an extremely successful 2017 season. 

The team includes top names Abby Mickey, Amber Pierce, Kendelle Hodges, Jessica Mundy, Ellen Noble, Whitney Allison, and Emma Grant who come from the USA, Canada, and Australia. Returning team director, Mary Zider says that "my goal has always been to give Colavita a program that will last and continue year after year. One that will be nationally recognized, and hopefully, forever impact riders’ careers and personal lives.” Together, the group will compete on the USA Pro Road Tour, UCI road races, as well as a selection of international races.

Besides their work with this team, Colavita has announced that they will also be partnering up with the Killington Mountain School in 2017 to create a women’s development program for cycling. The school, which is located in Vermont, is known for developing highly competitive junior athletes, while ensuring that each and every one of their students gains an exceptional college education. They offer their student-athletes the best training and competition schedule in the country and even USA Cycling has recognized the Killington Mountain School for their excellence. 

Colavita appreciates the hardwork and determination of cyclists and hopes to always be a big supporter of the sport. By working closely with the UCI and Killington Mountain School, their goal is to influence the future winners of the world.





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