More Beloved Italian Products Coming to The US Courtesy of Colavita

I. I. (July 16, 2019)
On June 23rd, Colavita hosted a party at Gallow Green, a beautiful garden oasis in the heart of Chelsea for its customers and partners. The event included a private preview of the new products that the Italian food company will start distributing in the US in addition to its current offerings, which beyond the Colavita brand itself include Italian favorites such Perugina, San Benedetto, Mulino Bianco, Rio Mare, and more...

Walking into Gallow Green feels like a breath of fresh air, this beautiful garden provides a much-needed break from the aggressive New York summer heat: the perfect location for the Colavita party, an occasion for the Italian food company to introduce the new lines of products it will be adding to its US selection.

Founded in 1939 and operating in the United States since 1978, Colavita is already a point of reference for Italians and Italian food lovers living in the US. On this occasion, the company announced that it will be adding to its selection a series of new brands: the beloved cookie giant Mulino Bianco, Rio Mare tuna, another Italian favorite, and Beebad, a premium Italian energy drink.

“It’s a big challenge that we want to take on to become leaders in Italian food investments,” comments Giovanni Colavita, CEO of Colavita USA.

Serenading guests on their way in is the lovely voice of the young Lidia Colavita, Giovanni’s daughter, showing how the company, despite being amongst the most important distributors of Italian food products in the country, still remains a family company.

And, in fact, the atmosphere at the party is a familiar one. Surrounded by delicious Italian treats, representatives of Colavita’s partners and collaborators old and new mingle merrily.

“Colavita has a double asset,” remarked the Consul General of Italy Francesco Genuardi, “on one side they are a healthy and very strong Italian company, and on the other side they are a point of reference as importers of many important Italian brands.”

Each of these brands express feeling a special affinity between their own philosophy and that of Colavita. Nunzio Castaldo, the President of Panebianco, a historic boutique wine importing and distribution firm purchased by Colavita last Spring, commented that the company is an “excellent partner for us in terms of quality, tradition, family, heritage and great perspectives for the future.”

Marco Auriti, the Country Manager of Nestle who represents the Perugina line of products, including the famous line of Baci chocolates, in the US and Canada expressed himself along the same lines. As did Michela Berta, Export Manager of Fida, a brand dating back to 1926, known for its historic candies, like Rossana, a universal staple in every Italian grandparent’s home.  

Teresa Di Biase, co-owner of Molisana Imports, (with brands such as Venchi Chocolate, Rovagnati, La Molisana Pasta) which has had a relationship with Colavita for over 30 years also describes them as the ideal partner. So does Claudia Sidoti, Head Chef of the meal kit delivery service Hellofresh who comments: “We love the ingredients from Colavita and so do our customers.”

John Profaci Jr, the Vice President of Marketing of Colavita US, whose family entered in a tight partnership with Colavita decades ago, since “Giovanni was on a tricycle” and he himself had just started at the company explained how they are adapting to the changing market: “We keep growing and relearning. We’ve internalized all our marketing in-house so we have control and we can handle all the brands that we have to become that total Italian porter.”

The representatives of the new brands that will from now on be distributed here by Colavita showed optimism and excitement for the newborn collaboration. These included Denise Willi, North American Sales Director of BeeBad, a new Italian energy drink made with honey and other premium ingredients, and Marco Beghini, Export Business Development Manager at Barilla, who commented: “We chose Colavita because we think it is the right partner to grow Mulino Bianco’s business in the US. There is the right fit between their italianity and the know-how, that is important for our company.”

As Italian Trade Commissioner and Director of ICE North America, Maurizio Forte, underlined, Italian export in food and wine has increased by 21% over the past 5 years, Italy is now 5th in this country. And “the majority of this this business is based on small companies, very much located in their territories.” Thus the importance of the work of companies like Colavita who bring these businesses abroad and help promote their products on the US market.

In expanding its selection of quality Italian food products to include a variety of products from longtime favorites to emerging brands, Colavita is securing its place on the US market as an indispensable source for both Italians and Americans.