Italians go Crazy Over New Nutella Biscuits

Roberta Cutillo (December 05, 2019)
Launched in early November, Ferrero’s new Nutella-filled treats have taken Italy by storm. With a record-breaking 4,2 million packages sold in one month, the cookies are in such high demand that they’re practically flying off the shelves and people have taken to reselling them online and in the streets for up to 11 euros per pack.

Since Ferrero dropped their latest product on November 4, 2019, Italians have been raving about the new Nutella Biscuits. In just one month, 4,2 million packages were sold across the country for a total value of 12 million euro and supermarkets have been struggling to keep them on the shelves, making them even more coveted. Some people even got the idea to start reselling packages at ridiculously inflated rates. 

Whether to rave about them, complain about not finding them, or make fun of those willing to pay up to 11 euros for a pack, people can’t seem to stop talking about these chocolate-hazelnut filled delicacies, particularly on social media, and numerous articles on the subject have appeared on Italian publications.

As a result of all this media buzz, sales are in fact continuing to increase, demonstrating growing interest since the initial launch. "It was a crescendo," commented Angelo Massaro, managing director of the Iri survey company, "In the first week the packs sold in Italy were 27 thousand. In the second, they rose to over a million, and in the third, the last of which we have data, to a million and a half."

Food giant Barilla responded by announcing the launch of a new cookie of their own filled with “Pan di Stelle” spread, a Nutella counterpart based on the brand’s popular star studded cocoa cookie, which was launched last January to challenge the dominance of Nutella. Dubbed “Biscocrema,” it will hit Italian supermaket shelves in January 2020.

Meanwhile, Nutella Biscuits have already expanded into the French market and plan on spreading across Europe.