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From Theater to Table: a Taste of Marche Region in NYC

(January 12, 2012)

Le Marche, one of the most intriguing regions of Italy, chose different audiences and different settings to spotlight its excellences in New York City, combining art, food and wine.

At La Mama Theater, the show “Alexis. A Greek tragedy” (a clever modernization of the Antigone performed by Motus) gained an exceptional attention by critics (including “The New York Times”) and public (I-Italy review). 

“At the beginning of each show, we provide each viewer with an elegant program containing, along the plot of the show, also detailed information about our region,” says Gilberto Santini of AMAT, the organizers of the events’ series.

But, as the “appetite” for food & wine is usually stronger then the intellectual’s one, this week-end le Marche are going to be the focus of different happenings in two of the most... delectable italian food&wine destinations in the Big Apple: DiPalo and Eataly.

Le Marche’s producers have a natural inclination to preserve tradition and sustainable, natural approach to their manufacturing process. “We still break our eggs by hand” says Vincenzo Spinosi, iconic producer of the Campofilone pasta bearing his name, appreciated all over the world for its texture “and we own the hens, which we keep on a specific diet!”

Same attention to the environment is put by another Marchigiano champion: the distillery Varnelli which, since 1868, has followed the same secret recipes, using native herbs, plants, flavors and traditional production practices. From the grinding of the ingredients with a mortar and pestle to the fueling of the fire with logs, for well over a century  the entire production process is executed by hand.

Domodimonti Natural Wine, a special feature of the event series, is committed to combine tradition and technologies. Nestled in the picturesque hills around Ascoli Piceno, the Domodimonti winery operates as a sustainable estate by leveraging solar power, purified rain water and other natural elements, going above and beyond traditional organic standards. The grapes are hand-picked and treated with strictly selected natural yeasts without adding sugar. Acid adjustments, color additives and additives improving the wine’s mouth-feel are also strictly forbidden.

Then, the entire production process is performed under ionic exchanged-generated nitrogen, which allows the handling and bottling of the wine in the absence of oxygen, which allows Domodimonti to reduce the use of sulfites in the wines to the minimum quantity required by law. The result: sexy, flavorful wines that are quickly conquering America.

Free samples of Domodimonti’s Natural Wines and other Marchigiani products will be available at Di Palo on Friday, January 13 (from 5 to 8 pm) and Saturday, January 14 (from noon to 8 pm). Experience them also at Eataly (Eccellenze corner) on Saturday, January 14 from noon to closing. Don’t miss it!





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