Italy's PM recognizes historical discrimination against Italian immigrant in the US!

This article appeared in the Sunday edition of "AmericaOggi". In it's insert "Oggi7", to boot, there is an article by On. Nissoli that is also of great interest to Italian citizens abroad.

I am posting this here so others will see it. If you do not know Italian, it says, basically, that the Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, read from a 1912 US Congressional report about Italian immigrants in the United States. The report contains the following:

Report of the Inspector for Italian Immigration to the American Congress, 1912

This is what Letta read. You can see a keen report on this at the url below.

Indeed, the entire subject needs to be examined even further than it has been to date. We will see where this goes and reivist it at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute with those who are in the know and have had direct experiences with this. So keep your eyes posted here and on the Institute's website for future details. 





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