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Italian Referendum - A Video Message from the Consul General of Italy in New York

(May 27, 2009)
The Referendum concerns the reform of the current Italian electoral system fof the Chambers of Deputies and for the Senate

Pursuant to Presidential Decree dated April 30th, 2009 a Referendum have been scheduled for June 21, 2009. 

The Referendum concerns the reform of the current Italian electoral system for the Chamber of Deputies and for the Senate.

The three questions are as follow:

- “Majority premium to the most voted list – Chamber of Deputies”

- “Majority premium to the most voted list – Senate”

- “Abolition of multiple candidacies in different constituencies”


Italian citizens who are at least 18 years old at the date of the Referendum and whose name is in the electoral list will vote.

Italian citizens residing abroad and registered to vote in their foreign diplomatic jurisdiction can participate by Absentee Vote. No later than June 3rd, the Consulate will send each voter residing abroad, who has not opted to vote in Italy by May 10th, 2008, a kit containing:

-         An information sheet explaining how to vote;

-         An electoral certificate;

-         Three ballots (one for each question)

-         A blank envelope;

-         A pre-stamped envelope with the address of this Consulate.


Any potential voter who has not received the kit by June 7th should contact this Consulate to verify the status of his/her voter registration and, if necessary, request a duplicate kit.


Using the pre-stamped envelope, and carefully following the instructions contained on the information sheet, the voter must send the electoral ballot in WITHOUT DELAY in such a way as to ensure its arrival at this Consulate no later that 16:00 PT on June 18th.


The absentee vote is private and confidential and it is forbidden to vote more than once or to vote for someone else. Any violation of these rules is punishable by law.

Residents in this Consular jurisdiction (New York, Connecticut) that need further information may contact this Office at:

Website: www.consnewyork.esteri.it  

E-mail: anagrafe.newyork@esteri.it

Fax: 212 249 4945

Tel. 212 439 8667

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