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  • An Italian-American intrigue, Piedmontese-style. Because L’amica americana is set in Turin, the language of the novel contains dialect and regional Italian specific to Piedmont as well as terms from other regions, including Lombardy, Veneto and Campania.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Iwona Adamczyk(March 12, 2014)
    North of Italy meets North of Manhattan in this lively restaurant quickly growing its crowd of followers and establishing itself as a neighborhood’s favorite Italian meeting place.
  • A one of a kind exhibit will be on view starting October 25, including some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most celebrated drawings in addition to a selection of other works on paper by the Renaissance artist and his followers. The prestigious exhibit will be celebrated by La Fondazione with a gala benefit on November 4, whose proceeds will be used to fund grants and awards for young Italian artists and emerging talents.
  • Among the several promotional events on Torino that have taken place in New York during the month of December, the Italian Trade Commission hosted a seminar called "Why Invest in Torino Piemonte, the intelligent location for your business." International guests have spoken about the importance of the capital of Piemonte, its contribution to the world's economy and the possibilities for foreign investors
  • The City of Torino, the Torino Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture, Torino's Tourist Board, Enit, the Italian Trade Commission, The Italian Consulate in New York and the Italian Cultural Institute have come together to promote in New York one of Italy's most influential cities. A city with an eye to the future and strong roots in the past.
  • The Turin and Langhe-Roero areas in Piedmont were the focus of ENIT’s latest event on July 17. The outreach to the American tourism sector operators presented the audience with information on Piedmont’s capital city, Turin, a full-fledged European metropolis after the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, and on the Langhe-Roero hills with their 1,000 wine cellars. Along with representatives from Piedmont’s institutions, world record quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti, a native from Turin, was present at the event as a cultural ambassador for his region and city.
  • August 15th is, next to Christmas, Easter and New Years, probably the most important holiday in Italy. On the day when Roman Catholics believe the Virgin Mary is supposed to have ascended to heaven, the entire country shuts and everybody parties.