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  • Jazz was considered macho music for far too long. People believed it could only be understood, appreciated and played by men. Of course there were female singers, but they were considered an ornament, an addition – even if in many cases an essential addition– to the great tapestry of jazz woven by men.
  • ♫ Louis Armstrong ♪ Mi Va Di Cantare (1968) ♫ Video & Audio Restored HD
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    Enzo capua(April 22, 2014)
    Havoc at the idea of having Louis Armstrong at the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. On the one hand, a virtuoso who invented new ways of doing jazz, on the other, a cheerful, charming entertainer beloved by those who knew nothing about jazz through this doubleness has won him both adoration and scorn.
  • If you think about it, in every group of friends there’s usually one who’s a little taciturn, even, occasionally, a little cranky, yet who has the most origi- nal ideas and undeniable personal magnetism. He’s the one running the show, often changing gears—sometimes to the surprise and chagrin of the others—who sees where the group is headed. He’s the one with charisma
  • Even though Jazz was born in New Orleans, the genre has been influenced by artists from all over the world, including Italy. Jazz in Italy has grown tremendously in the past twenty years, especially in the United States, with the support of more frequent performances by Italian jazz musicians, like those taking part in the Umbria Jazz Festival.